Do you have an application form ? If you are interested in making an application, in the first instance please send us a 250-300 word resume of your project (no more than one side A4) including the aspects for which you need support and how these meet our criteria. Should we wish for a detailed application, we will contact you.

Do you fund work anywhere in the UK ? We usually only support organisations within the East Midlands, particularly Leicestershire and Rutland.

Do you fund capital costs ? Yes.

Do you fund salaries and core running costs ? If appropriate.

Do you respond to all applications ? Yes, we aim to respond to all eligible applications within 3 months.

Can we send supporting information with our application ? No, please do not send, DVDs, CD, tapes or bulky reports; these are unlikely to be reviewed and cannot be returned; if we need more information, we will ask for it.

Helpful hints

Please read carefully the information on this website before approaching the David Wilson Foundation; you should find everything here to guide you and material on past projects supported will be particularly useful.