General Guidelines for Applicants

The David Wilson Foundation is interested in receiving applications from organisations in the East Midlands, and particularly across Leicestershire and Rutland, which actively advance in:

  • Young people and their training especially those in the building industry.

  • Local initiatives of a slightly broader aspect.

  • Assisting universities and colleges.

  • Assisting our local Glenfield Hospital.

Specifically within the construction industry and in sport.

Before contacting us, please make sure you have read this section and follow the links; these give our current funding priorities and details of who can apply.

If you wish to make an application, in the first instance please send no more than one-side of A4 on your project (250-300 words) and the aspects needing support - please see contact us page; it will be important for you to detail the benefits brought to young people through a grant being awarded.

Please allow time for us to respond. It usually takes us a minimum of 3 months to make an assessment and, if appropriate, invite a fuller application.

  • Click here to find out where to send your application

  • What the Foundation may and may not fund

    There are several different reasons the David Wilson Foundation may be unlikely to fund your organisation. By clicking below, you can find out more.

    We do not have a minimum or maximum grant amount but it may be helpful to note that the typical range of grants is between £100 and £5000. Any larger grants are usually spread over two to three years.