Welcome to the website of the David Wilson Foundation

The David Wilson Foundation has been created with the following primary aims in mind:

  • To help young people achieve their potential in life.

  • To advance the health of the community particularly the East Midlands.

We mainly support:

  • Initiatives with Leicester and North West Leicestershire in particular.

  • Young people and their training especially those in the building industry.

  • Local initiatives of a slightly broader aspect.

  • Assisting universities and colleges.

  • Assisting our local Glenfield Hospital.

We are a charitable foundation, created almost twenty years ago, which gives grants to organisations that are registered charities whose work covers the East Midlands and in particular Leicestershire and Rutland.

The website has background to the Foundation, including our criteria for giving and details of previous grants awarded. I hope you find this interesting.

David Wilson

Projects we have supported

The David Wilson Foundation has supported many local organisations and you can find out about some of the projects by clicking below.

How To Apply

Are you a registered charity ? Does your application support young people who live in the East Midlands, particularly Leicestershire and Rutland ?